Siding companies don’t just offer siding! ?>

Siding companies don’t just offer siding!

Most of the time, the company that you got your siding from will also offer a bevy of other services. Traditionally, siding companies offer other exterior services so those companies can be a one stop shop for updating homes or businesses.

A few words of wisdom. When you are going to spend thousands of dollars on home improvements, you want to make sure that you know a little about the company before giving them a big check to work on your home. Check reviews, ask people on Facebook about what their experience with that specific company has been. Get multiple bids on the service or product that you are giving someone money for. This may seem like an obvious thing for most, but there are some people who will not research at all or get any more than one bid before hiring a home contractor.

Like we said, there are services that go hand in hand with siding, and that most home exterior companies offer. These services can be:

  1. Window Replacements. Siding goes hand in hand with windows because of the way it makes the exterior of the home look. We have found multiple companies that offer siding and windows together, and the ticket price is normally very high for both of them.
  2. Roofing services. Roofing is another service for the exterior of homes or businesses that siding companies will offer. Generally, roofing companies will also offer siding, so siding is not the first service that is advertised. If you own a roofing company, you have undoubtedly received multiple calls for siding, even if you do not provide that specific service.
  3. Again, another exterior product that is associated with siding is gutters. There are some gutter companies that don’t offer siding, but instead offer fascia repair, and other things that center around gutters. Before choosing a company to do the exterior of your home, you should make sure that you have all the projects that you need done in your mind, just in case the company that you want to go with offers all the services.


When we talk about siding, we invariably think about other things that need to be done on the exterior of a home or business. Since most of these things will not need to be replaced for quite a long time, you will need to think about doing these things once or twice over a twenty year period in your home.

Here on Siding Talk, we are interested in hearing your stories about the companies you have worked with to add siding to your home, or any other exterior services.

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