Picking your Windows to go along with your Siding ?>

Picking your Windows to go along with your Siding

We discussed in one of our previous posts located here┬áthat most siding companies don’t just offer siding. In fact, most siding companies start different business entities all together – tied to their main company – to service other areas of home improvement. The one area we are going to look at today is window replacement. We have done work on windows for a number of homeowners and business owners, and it’s always great to help out with such a huge need. Windows are very expensive to install, and if you are trying to get whole house window replacements, you can be looking at anywhere from $5-15 thousand depending on the make, style and size of your windows. We reached out to a couple window companies, and found www.ftcollinswindows.com to give us a helping hand with some information to share with our readers. We asked a few questions, which were deemed very important for homeowners to ask a company before hiring them to install windows.

  1. Are you insured? If they answer ‘no’, run the other way. A window company should be insured to make sure they have the ability to cover any damage to your home in case any of their work is not done correctly.
  2. Do they offer different types of windows. Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood are the three most important windows that any company can offer. Some will also offer strictly plastic windows, but as a homeowner, make sure you are not paying for the special ‘189’ installed window, which is a big scam in the industry right now.
  3. Ask any window company what the cost of the window plus installation is. Basically, you want to make sure that you get the total cost of each window so you aren’t paying any hidden fees.
  4. Ask about a warranty. Warranties are very important in every single industry, and none more so than your home windows. Windows should last for a very long time, meaning your home windows should be in place without needing to replace them for well over 10 years.
  5. How well do they keep the elements out? You want to save a lot of money on your home’s energy costs. Much of your energy savings will also depend on a number of other factors associated with your home, so ask your installation company about what the typical heating and air conditioning reduction would be. Some homes can save up to 40% on their energy costs, and other homes are minimal, or under 5%.
  6. If there is any trouble in the future, does your window company offer free repairs, or does the manufacturer of the specific windows we are choosing offer free repairs? Most of the time, window companies will offer free repairs, or large window companies like Anderson or Milgard will offer free repairs for life. Just check with the company for more information. And if they say that there is no repairs in the future, you might want to choose another company.

Those are just a few questions that will set you out on the right track to choose a good window company for any installation or replacement you may need. Remember that you should always do your research on the company you are choosing.

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