Different types of siding ?>

Different types of siding

Do you know all the different types of siding? Most people don’t, so we’re going to cover those in detail in this post. For those of you who are looking to get new siding on your home, this will be a very important post for you, so pay attention!

Wood Siding

  1. Vinyl Siding. This is the most popular choice for people looking to put inexpensive siding on their home. Most of the time, vinyl siding is much cheaper than any other type of siding, and it offers many benefits, including durability, various colors, and longevity. Vinyl is great siding for starter homes, and is very easy and quick to install.
  2. Wood Siding. Just like the picture on the right, wood siding is one of the most popular choices for siding because of the ability to match so many different patterns and types of wood siding to homes. Wood siding is even more durable than vinyl siding, and will stand up to the elements if treated with the right stain or paint.
  3. Brick Siding. Brick always is a great choice because it creates a classic look on any home. Brick can be combined very easily with wood to provide a good contrast on each other for any home or business. Brick siding can also be cost efficient depending on if you install the siding yourself or if you have a professional installer (recommended) do it. Most DIY’ers will stay away from installing brick siding because of the higher level of skill needed to do so.
  4. Stucco siding. Stucco is becoming one of the more popular siding choices to put on homes because of the longevity and durability, and the ease of working with stucco is relatively easy. Stucco traditionally is resistant to the elements, and as a result does not decay. Stucco has been proven to last well over 50 years in some cases if added and installed correctly on buildings. Most siding contractors have gotten into stucco within the past ten years because of the desire of homeowners and building owners.
  5. Fiber-cement siding. Fiber cement siding is a lower cost option for people who still want the look of brick of stucco on their home. Fiber-cement is a composite material that can be molded into just about any shape and color, making it easily customizable for any home. The cost is also a huge factor in choosing fiber-cement siding, as the cost is considerably cheaper than traditional brick or stucco.
  6. Stone Veneer siding. Stone veneer siding is the most expensive, but also is thought of as the prettiest of all siding because of the luxury touch it adds to any building. Stone veneer is a great product because of the durability of the stone, and in most cases, can last throughout the lifetime of the home. Stone veneer does not weigh as much as traditional stone, so will not compromise the exterior walls of your home by weighing it down.

If you are familiar with siding, you know that you have many choices to make when it comes to your options. Before choosing the type of siding to go with, check out other homes or buildings that are similar to yours for reference to how siding may look for you.

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