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Brick Veneer Siding

We’re very partial to brick veneer siding, because of the great look that it gives to homes. Before you read the rest of this article, here’s a great cost calculator for a project with this material. If you are currently looking at your home, and you think it would look great with brick overlays, you can get a quick feel for it by installing a couple bricks and seeing if you like it. Most of the time, your answer is going to be yes, and you will be very pleased with the results .

Brick veneer siding is great because it can accent the windows that you have installed in your home very well. Most brick veneer siding will be the natural red brick color, but you have the ability to change colors depending on your preferences. When we drive around and look at siding, we marvel at how cheaply some of the brick siding looks to have been done, or the way that window installers have ruined brick veneers when they install new windows on certain homes. Take for instance the two pictures below. This is from a home just down the block from us, and as you can see, the workmanship on these bricks was pretty poor. What’s our point with this? Make sure you hire a certified professional to do your siding, and not just some run of the mill handyman to fix the issues that a window company gave you.

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Brick veneer is a premium material, and for most homes, will not be needed all over the home. Most brick veneer jobs are simply adding an accent to a home, giving it a more unique look, or sprucing up the already bland T1-11 siding that has been adorning your house.

Why use brick veneer siding on your home?

  1. Quality look. Brick veneers give a home the look that most homeowners want, without the exorbitant cost of having to remodel to add solid brick. Brick veneers simply are attached to the outside of the home by metal ties. This is a very cost effective way to give your home a great look.
  2. Brick veneers can be added to your home at any time after the construction process is done. If your home is built in 1980, and doesn’t have brick attached to it, adding veneers is still easy for a professional to do.
  3. They don’t require a home to have a solid footing. Contrary to real brick, veneers will not weigh down your home, and you won’t have to change the structural foundation of your home to support the light veneers.
  4. Keep out moisture. Brick veneers are constructed to keep moisture out of your home and also can be a good insulator for your house as well.
  5. Veneers are fireproof, and they are also very durable. They will last a very long time, and help you with your energy costs.

If you need any more info on brick veneers, don’t forget to contact us.

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